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Sofa Back Cushions


If your original back cushion looks clumpy, out of shape, or doesn't complement your room, bring your Back Sofa Cushion to Foam N' More to renew its look and give you  better comfort for your back. Using our top-of-the-line cluster fill filling, we will renew your worn-out back cushion with a fuller, fluffier, plumper appearance.

Most customers purchase and love the feeling of our cluster fill filling

in an off-white casing. You can choose from a soft, medium or firm feeling. All of our customers are happy to see that their back cushions look brand new again.

If you do not like the idea of using cluster fill filling, what we suggest is using super soft foam with Dacron wrap. This option gives a more square look so you do not have to fluff your back cushion continuously.

If your back covers don't have zippers we can unstitch your covers, replace it with a new filling, and then re-stitch them.

The labor for re-stitching a back cushion is $6.00.

For most cushions we can also add a zipper for $11.00.

For out of town customers, please mail in your empty back cushion cover to:
Foam 'N More
1177 West Maple Road
Clawson, MI 48017

 Please mark clearly on your covers:-
a. Your name, address and telephone number
b. The thickness of the cushion you require
c. How many cushions you require of that shape
d. Let us know the style of your back cushions: box style, knife edge or Turkish corner pleats.

e. The grade of filling you would like (We can ship out the within in 2 days once we receive your cover)

You will be very satisfied to see your old back cushion looking new again!

Box Style

Knife Edge Style

Turkish Corners Pleat













With Casing


With Casing

With Casing

Plush Foam with Dacron Wrap

HD23 Foam

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If you purchase more then one item shipping cost will be less.

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